Shiga-Ken Hemp-Ramie Textile Industrial Association

Omi jôfu (Hemp-Ramie Textile)

The region of Kotô in the prefecture of Shiga is known for the production of hemp since Muromachi period(1392-1573).Ômijôfu, hemp of quality, which is designated by the government of Japan as a traditional craftsmanship, is made up with two materials. One is calledkasuriwhich is dyed by hand with a specific technique. The other iskiburawoven from handmade yarn with specific sewing machine called jibata.Kasurihas delicate shades in color, whilekiburaremains unbleached natural hemp color. Both give fine expression of clothes made by hand. While keeping the traditional way, we adopt new technique and produce the hemp of Ômi of high quality in large amounts. Hemp is quick to go dry, so it can be clean used.