Makie accessories series “BISAI” & “HARIYA”

Since its establishment in 1981, URUSHI ART HARIYA offers jewellery with mother-of-pearl adorned by “maki-e” *, a lacquer craft technique that has been practiced in Yamanaka for over 200 years.

By their extremely delicate work, URUSHI ART HARIYA gives a life to exceptional jewellery, which provides to lacquer ware more contemporary possibilities. In the family-owned company, the father developed a range of jewellery for women, and in January 2017, he was given a grand award by the Japanese government for the excellence of his work; in 2010, the son has created a collection of refined and totally new style jewellery intending to decorate collars of men’s shirts.

*Lacquer craft made by drawing patterns with lacquer, onto which gold, silver, pewter, and coloured powders are sprinkled.